Friday, September 13, 2013

Mama's Having a Baby

Holy Moly! This pregnant Mama cake looks like she's about to pop! These two cakes were for expecting mothers, both having a boy. This baby shower theme was brown and teal polka dots. We can easily change out the colors of the dress and the bows if a mother is expecting a girl. Pink and purple would look cute with some polka dot hearts.

This mother really loved the idea of the baby's foot popping out of the belly, just like the cake above. We made the foot out of rice crispies and placed it on top of the cake then covered it all in fondant that way everything is edible. If you're having a baby shower or planning one, this is a great cake to show of to your guests. They will get a kick out of it!

Sesame Street's Elmo

The most infamous little guy on Sesame Street is a red fur ball named Elmo. We made this cake for Sienna when she turned two. Her mom liked polka dots and a bow on the top.This cake is covered in frosting but the decorating are all made of fondant.

This Elmo cake is my favorite. I love how big Elmo's face is on the cake as well as the Sesame Street sign with Sydney's name on it. Sydney also turned two when she had her Elmo birthday party. This cake is also covered in frosting and the decorations are fondant. Instead of making the cake topper a bow, we added some extra polka dots.

In Honor of 9/11...

His family and friends wanted to thank him for a job well done in the many years he spent serving the USA.We had the privilege to make this cake for him. We wanted to incorporate the US Navy logo as well as the stars & stripes and an anchor. We loved making this cake and can't wait to make another American USA cake for another military man or woman.

Blue and Pink Ombre

Ombre is quite the trend right now, even when it comes to cakes. For Denise's bridal shower, she wanted a simple but elegant cake. We decided to make a pretty blue ombre heart cake with her and her fiance's initials in the middle of the cake. Adding a cake topper always makes it look cuter whether it is a fondant piece or tissues as seen on this cake.

We didn't make the inside of the cake ombre, but it is possible. This is an example of what our cakes look like in the inside. They are always a three layer cake. This one was a white cake with a vanilla cream and fresh strawberry filling. Absolutely delicious!

This is how Denise displayed her cake at her bridal shower. We also made those blue ombre cake pops. Such a beautiful dessert table!

These cake pops were a white cake covered in a blue ombre white chocolate. These are the perfect light dessert and can also be a great party favor.

For those who don't prefer fondant, this pink ombre rose cake is made with frosting. We sprinkled it with white sugar to make it shimmer. This cake was for little Bridget who turned one. It was essentially her 'smash' cake but she thought it was just too pretty to mess up.

This was from another cake that we did. The outside was all white but the inside of the cake was a pink ombre. All of it was a vanilla cake with a vanilla filling.

Little Miss Bridget and her Mommy, Erica. She ever so gently took a lick of the frosting, but never smashed it. Silly girl!

This is another beautiful way to display the desserts on a table.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Super Mario

It's-a me-a Mario! Super Mario brothers is a video game that has been around for a while, one that we all love! Mario and Luigi will always be known as the crazy Italian brothers running around a land of make believe. Christian wanted his 5th birthday to be all about this so we wanted to make him a super cool Mario cake. This cake is a round one tier that can feed 20-25 people. It is covered in fondant whereas the one below is covered in frosting. This cake was a chocolate cake with a vanilla filling.

Drew wanted a ton of stuff on his cake. We made him almost every character that is in the video game, a real eye catcher for the kids! They all loved it! Super Mario brothers is such a fun party theme and what a great cake to add to the theme!

Happy Birthday Christian!

Drew encouraged all of his friends to wear these fake mustaches for his party. It was fun having a bunch of Mario's and Luigi's running around and eating cake.

New York Yankees

Christian is a big fan of the New York Yankees and his girlfriend Ashley wanted to get him a special cake for his birthday. We came up with this design of a baseball cap sitting on top of the base. He loved it! The base is made of cake as well as the hat. The base is white cake with a vanilla filling and the cap is red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling. The grass is frosting and the dirt is crushed cookies. We can replicate this cake with any other teams' colors and logos.

Of course we always pay attention to detail which is why we added this MLB logo on the back of the Yankees baseball cap.

Animal Print . one tier

A zebra print is a popular cake design for young girls and older girls. There are a lot of different ways to make a zebra print. You can have a lot of stripes like the cake below, a few stripes like the cake above and you can also angle the stripes to give it a different kind of look. This cake was for Nancy. It is our round cake that feeds about 20-25 people. She wanted a fondant bow to be her cake topper. This bow has two colors, pink and black. For a border, you can either get a fondant ball border like the cake above or a frosting border like the cake below.

This cake was for Mayra. She also liked zebra print but she wanted her print angled to give it more of an exotic look. She also liked the look of a square cake with a bow and a ribbon to make it look like a present. This square cake also feeds 20-25 people. Adding a few flowers on the border gives it a little special touch.

If you don't like the look of zebra print, we can also make a leopard print. This cake was for McKenna's Sweet 16th birthday. She is obsessed with everything leopard so of course she would want a leopard cake for her birthday. This cake also has a pink and black bow topper and a frosting border which can be switched out for a fondant ball border.

Happy Birthday Mayra!

See, everything leopard! Happy Birthday McKenna!